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Mr Whetstone offers competitive prices (because of bulk buying and minimal packaging).

Products can also be bought in the quantities needed, rather than having to spend money on surplus supersize plastic packets that may go to waste.

We try really hard to make sure everything on the shelves come from socially and environmentally aware businesses that;

  • pay everyone a fair wage
  • ensure safe working conditions 
  • source ingredients ethically.
  • aim to keep carbon emissions as low as possible 
  • are committed to reducing waste and adopting the principles of a circular economy, where possible.


    Basic Principles of Zero Waste

    Zero waste is about is avoiding unnecessary waste, especially single-use plastic and plastic disposables, as much as possible.
    It is not about one big lifestyle shift, but rather doing lots of little things to reduce waste as consistently possible.
    It’s about changing daily routines:

    • Refuse single-use disposables
    • Reduce what you consume
    • Repair and re-use things that still have life
    And because some waste is inevitable, it’s about trying to
    • Rot (compost) and
    • Recycle the rest