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Quite simply, because there is no planet b.

Situated in the centre of Saltaire Village, Mr. Whetstone is here to try and provide environmentally friendlier, sustainable and affordable minimal/package-free shopping options for every day use, for everyone.

Offering a wide selection of carefully sourced wholefoods, cooking ingredients, natural cleaning products, body care and everyday household essentials  WITHOUT the unnecessary packaging  that impacts on the cost to the customer and the planet OR the need to travel far to do the weekly shop.


The primary aim  is to provide accessible and affordable minimal/packaging free shopping options to the surrounding community.

An option within Saltaire village to stock up on store cupboard essentials within Saltaire Village without using and paying for unnecessary packaging that is destined for landfill or the ocean.

The climate-changed road to making everything ok is long, complicated and very tricky to navigate –  with so many messages about what is good/bad/right/wrong.

Mr W wants to help everyone along the wonky path by providing some accessible ways to shop and minimise waste.