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Candle - Black Spice


Black Spice soy wax candle with a fragrant blend of black pepper, ginger and a hint of lemon with base notes of smokey oak and allspice.

The creators love to burn this one in the hallway, so it floods the heart of our home with its warm and welcoming scent .It’s a musky scent – one they also light in the workshop on a regular cycle. Perfect for burning the whole year round.

Small - 22 hours

Standard - 45 hours


Made using only 100% natural UK manufactured soy wax, paraben free essential and fragrance oils, pure cotton and paper self trimming wick and beautiful apothecary style and recyclable amber glass jars. 

Candle Safety:  Always burn the candle on a level surface within sight & out of drafts.

On your first candle burn, OM&M recommend that you burn the candle for at least 3 hours. This allows the melt pool to reach all edges of the candle and avoids tunnelling. Tunnelling, aside from being a funny word, is bad news for candles as it means you're not using up enough wax and you end up with a 'tunnel' effect running down the centre of your candle. Always try to trim the tip of your wick between each light. This stops the flame from getting too big and will ensure you get the best results from your candle.

Candle - Black Spice