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Casa Espresso - Brazil - Pinotage


Origin: Brazil

Region: Cerrado

Farm: Nossa Senhora Aparecida

Variety: Catuai

Altitude: 990 masl White Chocolate, Boozy, White Peache

The Coffee

This stunning coffee is produced by Zelinda Piovesan. Zelinda is a dedicated woman producer that likes experimenting and monitoring different coffee varieties. She dries the ripe cherries on raised beds, unlike many Brazil naturals that undergo quick mechanical drying, this helps to bring the delicate flavours and boozy after taste.
Super boozy notes follow a white chocolate sweetness and a white peach acidity.

Location & Farmer

Pinotage is a natural coffee produced by Zelinda and her family at Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm in Cerrado. The farm is at 990 meters above sea level and this is a Catuai varietal.



Casa Espresso - Brazil - Pinotage