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Casa Espresso - Ethiopia Refisa Nensebo


Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Refisa, Nensebo

Farm: Refisa Washing Station

Variety: Wolisho and Kuruma

Altitude: 1900-2070 masl

Preparation: Washed

Citra Hops, Juicy, Buttery Body

The Coffee

The Refisa washing station is located in the Nensebo Woreda region where nearly 600 coffee farmers bring their ripe cherry to be processed. This lot consists of Wolisho and Kuruma Varietals grown at 1900 – 2070 masl.
This coffee is super fruity and bright acidity up front, followed by citra hops and a buttery body.

Location & Farmer

Nensebo is a new coffee growing area in the West Arsi Zonal Administration which also borders the Bale Mountain on the South. Refisa is a village located within Nensebo Woreda. Coffees in the Nensebo Refisa lot are cultivated in Roricho, Bulga and Solena. Cultivated at an altitude of 2070 MASL. Each farmer brings their cherries to process at the washing station where they are picked and floated for defects, washed, soaked for 5 hrs, fermented for 72 hours and dried on raised beds for 9-11 days until they reach final moisture of 10.5%l.


Casa Espresso - Ethiopia Refisa Nensebo