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Casa Espresso - Brazil Patricia Coelho


Country: Brazil
Region: Mogiana
Farm: Fazenda Santo Antonio
Variety: Acaia
Altitude: 1100 masl
Preparation: Natural

Milk Chocolate, Honey, Almonds

The Coffee

Patricia is a small farmer located at Mogiana, in the city of Espirito Santo do Pinhal. She is taking over the family business now and is facing the challenges that most women do when taking a lead position in Latin America. Not only a producer of great coffees, Patricia is also Bruna’s personal friend, from Kamba Coffee who we purchase this coffee from. That friendship is important because they are working together to help her get started in the specialty industry. This is the second year that kamba have worked with her and they were able to have three different lots from Patricia’s two farms.

Chocolate upfront, particularly cocoa in espresso, followed by an almond and honey sweetness.

Download the Brazil Patricia Coelho Information Sheet and Brew Guide.

Casa Espresso - Brazil Patricia Coelho