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Nutscene - Greentwist Jute Twine - 2ply (Size: Handy)



Greentwist Jute Twine - 2ply 100m (Size: Handy)

Used and trusted by gardeners since 1922, Nutscene® Garden Twine 'Greentwist' Jute Spools is the Gardener's essential garden Twine for tying.

'Greentwist' garden twine was invented by the first owner of Nutscene®.  An application to the UK's Glasgow Patent Office was granted in 1926.  'Greentwist', once tied around your plant stem is not seen, ’Not Seen’, thus 'Nutscene' - a brand name was born!

Nutscene® still wind their twines on the same machinery first used by them in 1922.  Not only is Nutscene twine biodegradable but Nutscene’s materials have been sourced from renewable resources for almost 100 years.

Use for supporting both old and new stems, Nutscene Twines are soft, pliable and gentle to your plants when tying.  The spool can be easily carried or used from the pocket, leaving both hands free to tie.  By drawing the twine form the center of the spool, you can be assured of tangle-free twine.

The special construction of the spool prevents tangling and ensures an easy running supply of twine to your hand.

Keep stored in dry conditions and out of sunlight before use. Jute is a vegetable fibre grown from the corchorus genus.  Jute vegetable fibres can be spun into strong coarse threads.  Its appearance is golden, and it is often referred to as the Golden Fiber.

From plants for plants.

Nutscene - Greentwist Jute Twine - 2ply (Size: Handy)