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Who Gives a Crap - Forest Friendly Box of Tissues


These tissues are strong enough for the biggest sneezes, yet soft enough for the smallest sniffles. WGAC makes tissues with bamboo, unlike most of those big cat supermarket brands. The softest paper comes from destroying virgin trees and they are not in the business of deforestation.

- Each box has 65 tissues

- Tissues are 19.5cm x 21.5cm each

- 3 ply strong

- Biodegradable

- No inks, dyes, or scents

- Biodegradable

 WGAC want to ensure everyone has access to a toilet and basic sanitation. 

50% of profits from all products go directly to their charity partners who work in water, hygiene and sanitation.

You’re helping millions of people gain access to clean water just by using the loo. 

Learn more here

Colours May Vary - patterns subject to availability


Who Gives a Crap - Forest Friendly Box of Tissues